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Imperial Forge Samurai Katana

     Welcome to the Imperial Forge USA, home of the most precision crafted Japanese swords (katana) for Iaido and Kenjutsu. All of our Japanese swords are hand crafted to perfection in our legendary Imperial Forge.


     At the Imperial Forge, there is a true desire in producing the perfect katana, with a team of craftsmen and artisans who excel at the occupation they are skilled in. There is a true love and ambition in their work, which reflects in the quality and beauty of our hand made Japanese swords. The Imperial Forge will not compromise quality and performance of our katana just to sell more swords.

     All of our Japanese swords are hand made with the highest standards, giving you the utmost feel of quality, durability and strength. It is the goal of the Imperial Forge to exceed the expectations of martial artistes for strength, cutting power, and most importantly, craftsmanship. Each sword blade is individual hand forged with a hand held hammer, clay tempered, heat treated, quenched and then polished by skilled hands creating a true battle ready sword.



     We at the Imperial Forge truly pride ourselves in the quality of our Japanese swords, craftsmanship, customer satisfaction and personal care; we will endeavor to satisfy your every need.

Imperial Forge Japanese Katana